Black Tampico - 16oz

  • Black Tampico - 16oz
  • Black Tampico - 16oz

This natural Tampico (Ixtle) fiber is derived from the Agave Lechugilla cactus, native and unique to Northern Mexico.

It is roughly 6" in length, and is in a roughly 16oz bundle. This is a significant quantity of Tampico that can make many brushes.

It has been dyed black during processing. This unwashed Tampico can sometimes rub off light black on some surfaces. This should go away in time with use, agitation, or washing.

Note: washing Tampico can change its texture


One thing we've found while researching materials for our brushes is that many crafts people don't want to just buy a fancy brush for themselves - they want to try and make one themselves. One of the primary problems is that the materials aren't available in smaller quantities.

We purchase Tampico in bulk for our brush making, and are trialing selling some smaller hobby-quantities to interested craftsmen.


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